Pfizer Living with Cancer app concept and design

Client: Pfizer

Role: Product Designer

Year: 2020

I worked on developing a new vision and visual style for Pfizer’s Living with Cancer app. The main idea is to serve the content based on user’s emotion. The emotions are logged in a gestural way on the screen and determine the kind of article and exercises shown. This also keeps users from “doctor google” which adds to anxiety. Social aspect of the app was very important – focusing on circles of people around the patient and interactions between them.

Animations of the messaging flow between the patient (left, teal) and the caregiver (right, coral). The ability to express gratitude is one of the key elements to our users wellbeing.

Art direction for the new type of content – as well as written articles we add exercises and step by step guides.

Allowing users to connect with each other in order to support themselves and share knowledge in a safe environment.